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Corsi-Cubes at UC San Diego

The Community Safety Center partners with student groups, faculty, community organizations and k-12 schools to place Corsi-Cubes in areas disproportionately impacted by air impurities like smoke and other commercial pollutants.

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Corsi Cube building event

UC San Diego Police Accountability Board

UC San Diego intends to develop and promote accountability, trust and communication between the campus communities and the UC San Diego Police Department. To that end, UC San Diego has established a Police Accountability Board to impartially review investigative reports related to allegations of police misconduct and to make recommendations in a timely manner regarding complaints filed by members of the public against the UC San Diego PD.

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Holistic and Inclusive Tiered Response

UC San Diego’s multidisciplinary resource network is prepared to meet with you to address your individual social, environmental and physical safety and wellbeing through mental health support, basic needs assistance, addressing bias and hate, and emergency response.

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Accountability & Independent Oversight

A multidisciplinary team of workgroups, committees, accountability boards and campus offices encourage continuous accountability by learning from each other, honoring our experiences and exercising empathy in serving our campus community.

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Community- and Service-Driven Safety

Join us to co-create community safety at UC San Diego by addressing the needs of our community from the grassroots, through service-oriented, research-based solutions in the spaces where we learn, live, create and grow.

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Transparency and Continuous Improvement Through Data

The UC San Diego Police Department contributes campus-level detail to the standardized systemwide data dashboard to transparently inform the community of the policies, procedures, budget and activity of the campus police department.

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